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happy. i would be happy

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Simple and sweet

Drug dealer but a nice one

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Haha sweet!

You seem sad,and broken but I want you to know that as a person I love you. I know it seems weird that someone loves you without knowing who you are but that's the beauty. I love you because we are connected I'm every bit of you as you are of me,your very existence is amazing and special,and worth more than anything in the universe. So I love you for who and what you are :)

Asked by Anonymous

Thank you so much. It’s crazy to think that someone loves me even without knowing who I am but I really appreciate you sending me this message. Much love to you my dear!!

Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could shit on all the people that hurt me

I wanna be in a relationship where I actually feel needed, rather than just there for fun.

Become a pediatric oncologist. Finding the cure for cancer, helping sick kids and stuff like that ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘Š

That’s awesome!!!

What would you wanna be when you grow up if you couldn’t fail? Message me your answer